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Brand: Bahia Fightwear
Location: Australia 
Product Code: chiropractor-adjusting-shoes-adult-chiropractic-shoes
Availability: 4

These universal fit shoes with flat bottoms can be used for either left or right foot, and are designed to help ensure accuracy in your Activator Methods Leg Length Analysis.  These shoes are to be used for patients wearing boots, sandals, or shoes with worn soles, by removing the non-conforming shoes and placing the Adjusting Shoes directly on the foot. Not designed for walking in or for therapeutic use.  Adult size universal fit for all adult size feet.  (Available only in black.)

Sizes and Measures Bahia Fightwear

150 cms - 158 cms

up to 63 kgs



159 cms - 165 cms

up to 75 kgs



166 cms - 175 cms

up to 85 kgs



176 cms - 188 cms

up to 95 kgs



189 cms - 198 cms

up to 110 kgs



199 cms or more

over 110 kgs



Children Capoeira Pants Sizechart Bahia Fightwear
Size Waist Inseam Hip Rise Thigh Cuff



43 68 17.5 35




47 72 19 38




54 76 22 42




61 78 23 44




72 80 24 46


12 56 73.5 84 26 48 41
Men Capoeira Pants Sizechart Bahia Fightwear
Size Waist Inseam Hip Rise Thigh Cuff
S 62 87 96 28 58 52
M 64 87 104 30 60 54
L 66 87 110 33 64 58
XL 70 88 120 34 70 62
Women Capoeira Pants Sizechart Bahia Fightwear
Size Waist Inseam Hip Rise Thigh Cuff
XS 66 89 92 21.5 50 49
S 68 90 94 23.5 55 52
M 72 91 96 24.5 59 54
L 76 91 100 25.5 62 56
Colourswatch *.PDF Sizechart *.PDF

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