Nasty reviews for your businesses by Kath Read

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The revenge of the legal representative LOL

If you read my post about Kath Read "Are you interested in great content? From nigerian scammers" here it comes a second part.

Now here comes the bully:

A supposed "Representative Lawyer" that says:


I've been hired to do some rep management for a client. They seem pretty genuine and from my investigation you've written a biased and incorrect review.

They've reported that they'd like this post to come down [source link]

1) I also notice this domain looks like it belongs to you:
2) I believe they've asked nicely for you to take it down and explained the situation.
3) So now they've hired me to do some 'rep management'.

I've been doing this a long time so here's the 3 scenarios that usually happen:
(I get paid in any of the scenarios so it doesn't matter to me what you choose)
1) You take it down and it all goes away.
- I get paid for a quick win. (Most common)
2) You leave it up, I run various online tools, target all your profiles, websites (not just the 2 I listed above) and customers.
Just like you've left a nasty review I'll do the same but for your businesses. Free speech & opinions are allowed on the internet. 
- the difference is you did 1, I will run my software until you've decided enough is enough and decide to take the link down.
- this will cost you tens of thousands in lost business over the next 5 years.
- You could have avoided it by just taking it down at the start.
- Please Note: that once my software has run the volume of reviews I create and my automation means I can't take them down ever.
- for me it takes 15 mins to setup my tools, so I don't really mind doing this. I guarantee it will take you countless hours responding to every review on every profile. You will only be responding to a bot that does this kind of stuff so it's a futile excercise.
In all likelyhood you'll need to change brand & domain depending how long you take to take down the link.
3) You retaliate in some form to my client.
I then escalate what I do and at the end both you and my client will lose their online rep.
- however, their site looks to be under 1 year old. 
- yours looks like it's a lot older.
So in this scenario you lose a lot more, all just because you don't want to take down 1 link from someone who sent you a cold email? 

Remember I earn in any of the above, so don't mind what you do, but consider this a kind request to take down a link.

Anyways, I only send 1 email before I take action. I'm also not going to respond to anything you write. I'll simple check on the 15th of Feb to see if the link is down. 

If it's down, great. That's the last of it. 

If it's still up, I'll start my tools up.

If my client reports retailiation or any nasty emails I'll fire up my tools. 

Think carefully what you decide to do. Think if that 1 link is really worth countless hours of wasted time and thousands in lost business for you. As mentioned once my tools start up, it can't be undone. 

All the best

Anyway, don't freak out!

If you repaired on the email address (here is usually where the fails come through) they're using 

PROTONMAIL (sorry about the advertising) is just a Secure Email Based in Switzerland wich means that they're afraid of what they're writing and where they're writing that from. that's why when you go to any trace email app like you will get the Switzerland IP.

Well, under my point of view is a shame that they're trying to play the game as adults but they continue hiding at the same time. 

Would be enough with a clear "Hey, I'm sorry, we shouldn't email you with our SPAM" or "ok, we will fix our webpage with some real data about our companies". 

Far away from that, they continue using the same modus operandi, wich I'm more than use to after a lot of years working with Internet.

Let's say the day I enter their legal advice pages we'll put these pages down...

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Nasty reviews for your businesses by Kath Read

The revenge of the legal representative LOL

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